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Event Timetable

Arrival and setup:
Friday 25 February 2023, 10am to 6pm. You will be able to drive into your site and set up your marquee and unload and set up your stand.

Event times:
Saturday 26 February 2023 9am – 5.30pm
Saturday night party 6pm onwards at the Expo site with dinner and wine.
Any potters who double as musicians, please bring your instruments.
Sunday 10am – 5.30pm
All potters are asked to be present at their stands, no cars on site, on both days. There will be volunteers to give you a break.

Pack up and departure:
Sunday 26 February 2023 from 5.30pm
You may bring your car on site from 5.30pm onwards. There will be volunteers directing traffic and you are asked to be patient and considerate of others.

Only ceramics made by you, in your studio will be accepted. No seconds or painted blanks.

The Pottery Expo will be promoted widely with print and media advertising and distribution. You will receive e flyers and posted physical flyers and posters for you to distribute to your networks. We have a facebook page, instagram and a new website. We ask all exhibitors to extend the marketing reach by posting on these sites and inviting your own contacts.
There will be a catalogue/brochure as a hand out prior to and during the Expo, with list of exhibitors and information about the event.



Watch this space for a site plan.

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