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Denise McDonald

Sydney, NSW


Denise McDonald produces stoneware tableware that celebrates our unique Australian flora, heritage patterns and rich glazes using texture and colour. Pieces have a contemporary design with a hint of nostalgia and fun. Her most popular work features a 100 year old flannel flower pattern sourced from a Federation house in Sydney.
Her work tends to fall into two broad categories, innovative slab built forms that are often manipulated on the potters wheel, and wheel thrown production ware with an emphasis on simple form and bold glazes.
Denise has trained in potteries in England and Australia to learn her craft from the roots up, using time honoured skills and new techniques to make art for everyday living. She fires in an electric kiln at her studio in Randwick to produce work under her business name DM Pottery


0431 812 106


 Randwick NSW 2031

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