Jill Anderson and Pam Crossley

        Clarinda Clayworkers

We work together out of the Melaleuca Pottery Studio in Clarinda, Melbourne.

Pam Crossley- my work is primarily functional using porcelain and stoneware clays that are fired in gas reduction. My 300 and 500 series cups and bowls are thrown quickly and pick up hand gestures along the way. They are unique with no two pieces the same, but they start off from the same amount of clay.

Jill Anderson – Organic vessel forms hand built from clay slabs that are stretched and manipulated. Glaze effects are achieved through various firing techniques including raku, high gas reduction and mid fired oxidation. More recently my works have focused mainly on an exploration of coloured clays through techniques such as marbling, Nerikomi and laminating.

Pam Crossley
 Clayton South

Mobile: 0423962727
Email: pamartc@gmail.com
Website: pamcrossley.yolasite.com
Instagram: pam_crossley_ceramics

Jill Anderson
Mobile: 0417013826
Email: jill_m_a@hotmail.com
Instagram: jillandersonceramics
www.blogspot.com:  jillceramics.blogspot.com


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