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Ri Van Veen
Maddingley Vic

My ceramic forms are inspired by the continual exploration of my environment and the materials that I work with. I craft, by hand, small to medium size sculptures that range from female forms to biomorphic and organic vessels. I decorate my sculptural forms in a range of finishes from copper lustre glazes to the more subtle imprints of feathers and horsehair to the randomness of fire, seaweed and soluble salts. It is not just the creation of the form that inspires, but also the types of firings.  The hot, physical and tactile processes of Pit and Raku, as well as the inherent resultant unpredictability resonate with my work and life – there are some things you can control and others you cannot.

RiVanVeen - Copper Lustre Sculpture.jpg
RiVanVeen - Feather imprint and nest .JPG
RiVanVeen -feather imprint pot.jpg




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