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Jane Sawyer:

Rain Shadows

Interview with Jane Sawyer from Slow Clay with Ella Thompson  [February 2020]

Jane Sawyer:

Planetary Space is not Still

Jane Sawyer interview with Ella Thompson
Jane Sawyer interview with Ella Thompson

Reviews 2017

Erin of "erinswindow' the winner of the 2017 INCA Award: The Michael Hallam award for innovative new ceramics.

By Jen Weekend
With so many events I wanted to attend over the weekend just gone, and a wedding to boot, I had to cave in and cover 3 instead of 5 events. I vowed not to miss the Pottery Expo as it was going to be my opportunity to meet with a lady who produces some of my favourite pieces. What I was not prepared for, was, how awesome an event it turned out to be, and how easy it was to spend all afternoon there. There were so many amazing stalls filled with some of the best creative potters as promised.

If there's anything you need to take away from this article, just remember this. Do not miss the next event they organise. It's not the sort of expo you rush through. It's the kind where you spend time chatting to the potters about their work, attend a workshop or two, if you're an aspiring potter, sit back and enjoy the entertainment; the musicians, and stop awhile for a bite to eat and quench your thirst. 

Pottery a smash at expo 


By Sandi Miller

THE 17th Pottery Expo was held on the banks of the Yarra on the last weekend of February as around 70 potters from across Victoria and New South Wales came to town to show their wares to an enthusiastic Warrandyte community.

Local potters mixed with artists from across the state with a diverse array of pottery on sale.

Organisers were delighted with the response from the public who came in droves to enjoy some river- side retail therapy on the stunning February weekend. “The event is really world class”.

“It is bigger than ever,” said event coordinator Jane Annois.

Jack Latti, a potter from Research, who has been coming to the expo for four years says the setting is getting better each year and he loves that he has customers who seek him out at the expo each year.

“Half of my stuff is sold to people I have sold to before,” Mr Latti said. Featured artist from Coffs Har- bour, John Tuckwell was delighted with the event and very impressed with the support the expo received from the local community.
“The event is really world class, it was an honour to be invited to participate,” he said.
Next year’s festival will include international potters from France. 

Photos by Denise Illing:

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Warrandyte Diary March 2021
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